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Welcome to XtenPixel

My name is Pascal Mihaela from Romania, I am the owner of XtenGroup that own Clixten, XtenHost, XtenDesign, XtenFaucet  and others online and offline bussiness. We have started our online bussiness in 2012 and since then we have extended our business on different areas and now we have reach on XtenPixel, having almost 5 years our experience recommend us, our almost 500.000 members, our webdesign clients, our webhosting clients and so on.

Today we are launching our business, XtenPixel, we worked to come with a different and cheap way to advertise your image/banner. We are offering a great price for 1 month  advertising of only $0.01 per pixel, minimum that can be used for advertising is 10x10 pixel image size.

We are offering image/banner advertising option on XtenPixel with the possibility to change for how many times you wish the image, link and tag. XtenPixel is being advertised on Clixten paid to click area, traffic exchange, grid, feature link, banners, on other advertising networks as rotators, traffic exchanges, paid to click websites, on grids and not only. So we can guarantee a minimum of 1.000.000+ unique views per month minimum to your advertised image/banner.

Also on the blog zone we will come weekly with news from the online earnings with updates regarding paid to click websites, traffic exchange, faucets and not only.

Pascal Mihaela (XtenGroup ~ CEO)

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